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In order to show you our know-how, we have selected among our numerous achievements:
The installation of a corn drying and stocking with a 12 000 T capacity in Agnibilekrou, Ivory Coast 1b 1
The automation of a food factory with a 10T / hour capacity in Agnibilekrou, Ivory Coast.   2
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4 b
a - An eggs packaging centre in French Guyana, with a grader Moba 100 with automatic packaging
b - A manufacturing food unit for poultries, with a 5T / hour capacity in Dabou, Ivory Coast
The installation of an automatic eggs collector in Mayotte  
6 7
Equipment with layer’s cages (Californian type) in a building of 17 000 layers capacity in Guyana Building with dynamic ventilation, “all included” for 5000 layers with conveyor chain in Guadeloupe
Stag breeding in Senegal  
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A presence in trade shows