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  gestion de l'ambiance  

Environment control
Warming Regulators - Infrared lighting
ampoule ampoule protecteur  
Standards Infrared bulbs
Réf. B2 04 1012 - 100W,
White with screw
Réf. B2 04 1013 - 150W,
White with screw
Réf. B2 04 1014 - 250W,
White with screw
Réf. B2 04 1015 -
Infrared bulb PAR 175W white with screw (175W consumed > 250W restored)
Réf. B2 04 1017 - Infrared bulb PAR 175W white with screw (175W consumed > 250W restored)
100Wconsommés : 150Wrestitués
Simple Infrared protector 100 to 250W, Reflectors with quartz. Livery by card box of 2 units
Réf. B2 04 1011
reflecteur reflecteur a quartz Reflectors with quartz. These reflectors fit on your infrared protectors with lamp socket E27
Réflecteur à quartz blanc
Réf. B2 04 1006 - 175W
Réf. B2 04 1007 - 250W
Réflecteur à quartz rouge
Réf. B2 04 1008 - 175W
Réf. B2 04 1009 - 250W
radiant radiant    
Radiant with low pressure gas, with security system
Réf. B2 04 1020 - 3000W
ceramic plaques. Protected by stainless bars (for 1000 chicks).
Standards radiants, low pressure
Réf. B2 04 1021 - 3000W,
used pressure 50 to 150mbar
Réf. B2 04 1022 - 3000W,
high pressure, used pressure 0.5 to 1.5 bar
Regulators low pressure
(for 2 radiants)
Réf. B2 04 1038
Thermostatic regulators
regulateur Work without electricity & allow a regulation of radiants from 10 to 100% of their power. Equipped with a measure (8m) connected to a thermostatic gate.

Regulator high pressure which allows a regulation of 40 radiants.
Réf. B2 04 1041

Regulator low pressure to regulate 16 radiants
Réf. B2 04 1042
Mobile fuel generator
generateur fioul Very mobile, weak consumption, security working, direct warm with 100% efficiency, taken up very fast in temperature, filter with fuel and extra jet semi-automatic. Power of heating: from 40 000 to 80 000 kca/H.  
Mobile gas generators
generateur gaz Propane generator. From 13 300kcal/H to 112 000kcal/H capacity  
Electric generators

Electric Aerotherme. From 3 to 15 kw capacity.

Ventilation & cooling
air master

ventilateur brasseur


ventilateur helicoîde temp o drop
Air Master ; Ventilator with chain V
Réf. V 40000
High air capacity, weak electricity consumption until 60 % of energy savings with regard to ventilators with smaller diameter.
Closure with lid centrifugal more secure to stop ventilator. Little noisy, do not require maintenance..
Ventilator-mixer Patton, 9000m3 of extraction until 550m² of mixed surface
Réf. V 9000
Helical ventilator with frame - Réf. V 20000
Especially created for wall or ceiling installation. High air capacity with weak energy consumption, excellent possibility of adjusting, little noisy.
Ventilator – humidifier
Réf. VB 95004
Ventilation with spraying which allows to cool the environment during hot periods. This machine is composed by 1 ventilator (on a ferrule) which forms a stainless cylinder, by 1 rectifier of stream which allows a perfect horizontal diffusion. Water supply with 5 fools fixed on a stainless piping which assure spraying. This water supply is directed by solenoid valve which one can be equipped with a timer in order to work by cycles.


Trappes Kan’s air
Are especially created for an optimal dynamic ventilation in breeding buildings.
  Mechanical jacks & pipes reductor
Hydraulic jacks