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Slaughtering equipments

electrocuteur couteau couteau crochet
Electrocuter feller.
Réf. E5 01 1001
The head of the animal is introduced into electrodes in the form of V and receives an electric shock. The animal paralyzes immediately.
Knife for bleeding
Réf. E5 01 1011
Knife for cutting, blade 14 cm
Réf. E5 01 1012
Hook for fraying (big model)
Réf. E5 01 1013
crochet pince à tuer table d'electrocution  
Small model
Réf. E5 01 1014
Pincers for killing. - Réf. E5 01 1002
For poultry and big pigeons in a single movement. Immediate death. Blade of stainless steel
Table of electric shock treatment for poultry
Réf. E5 01 1010
electrodes in copper, transformer 85V, feet stainless tube, electrodes tray support, Ivory PVC
saignoir plastique daignoir galva    
Plastic bleeders 4 cones
- Réf. E5 01 1005
blood collecting tank. Guaranteed “food contact”. On feet. For all poultries. The smallest will need reductor cones. (E5 01 1005)
Galvanized bleeders with blood’s collecting tanks.
Réf. 05 01 1006- Bleeder 5 cones chickens
05 01 1007 - Bleeders 5 cones turkeys/gooses
05 01 1008- Bleeders 8 cones chickens
05 01 1009- Bleeders 10 cones pigeons
Warming tanks
bac auto trempeur bac cylindrique cuve de trempage robot trempeur
Auto-steeper tank for poultries. Semi-automatic. Réf. E5 01 2019
Movement of water by turbine, electric warmer 9kw, construction stainless sheet metal, insulated, control by thermostat. Dimensions: 1m50X600mm, height 950mm. 150L capacity.
Réf. E5 01 2021 - Tank for wax for duck’s wax treatment.
Stainless cylindrical warmer tank -
Réf. 05 01 2020
electric warming 4kw controlled by thermostat, diameter 500mm, height 600mm.
Plastic steeper tank -
Réf. E5 01 2016
resistant until 120°C. Diameter 780mm, height 785mm. 2 resistances 6kw, 12kw, digital display cupboard for temperature, automatic regulation for temperature, automatic water filling, livery with 3 metallic feet, tap & cover.
Robot for steeping - Réf. 05 01 2017
electric machine which can been adapted on tanks
Réf. 05 01 2018 et 05 01 2016
Wall fixed, it can revolve 90° right or left. Steeping time from 18 sec to 180 sec. This machine has a poultry carrier too, with 4 special hooks in order to fix heads.
bac a echauder plastique      
Warmer plastic tank, resistant until 120°C
Réf. 05 01 2018 - height 790 mm, 550 mm. Equipment: resistance 6kw, 380V, cover & tap, digital display cupboard for temperature, automatic temperature regulation.
Automatic slaughtering
chaine chaine
) A little slaughtering chain which needs a small workforce and gives very good results. 150 poultries/H capacity.
Incorporated steeping tank, temperature is controlled by an electronic thermometer. Humidification by cascades, water movement by double turbine, constant level, drainage of waste water. It allows to work with manual plucking machine or with automatic plucking machine with a specific adaptation.
Plucking machines
plumeuse rêve Plucking machine « The dream » - Réf. E5 013025
for palmipeds. Special for ducks. It’s composed of 2 blocks, both connected by a table in order to support poultries during plucking. Plucking of poultries is able to be done on the fingers block, after steeping at 68°C.

plumeuse spéciale plumeuse rotative plumeuse 63 plumeuse 72
Plucking machine specialized for poultries.

Réf. E5 01 3026

Used for plucking after steeping low temperature (48 to 53°C) of poultries (hens, chickens, guinea fowls). Drum diameter 20 cm, length 40cm, can receive 10 rows of 6 fingers (special rubber for food)
Stainless revolver plucking machine

Réf. E5 01 3028

can pluck 4 poultries after steeping without handling
Grand modèle

Réf. E5 01 3029

Plucking machine 63, type « coquetier », drum 400 stainless 15/10ème. You can follow a little chain of 150 poultries/H. Motor 1CV or 1.5CV for turkeys.

Réf. E5 01 3033

Plucking machine 72. stainless, « common market », drum 300 fingers in spiral for an optimal work. Electric command case (European norms. Mono or tri phased. Drum stainless, galvanized sheet metal.

Ref: E5 01 3030

plumeuse a diques      
Plucking machine with discs, allows plucking all kind of poultries & wildfowl. Perfect for poultries finishing after automatic plucking.
Réf. E5 01 3031 tri phased
E5 01 3032 mono phased