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  feed mills  

Feed mills

Feed mills - small capacity

engrenoir a maîs manuel moulin à main broyeur electrique broyeur à pate d'arachides
Manual corn giner
Réf. D4 01 1001
Hand mill : grade can be change thanks to a screw, from the crushed to the flour.
Réf. D4 01 1002
Electric feed mill. Motor 950W, 220V. With knives. Livery with 4 bars, diameter 1.5-2.5, 5-5-7 mm, and plastic drum 50L capacity. Capacity depends on bars & type of cereals: 20 to 170 Kg.
Réf. D4 01 1003
Feed mill for dough of groundnuts. It grinds & transforms in homogeneous and smooth dough: groundnuts, manioc, almonds, walnut, sesame, fruits, shea-tree… Performance: 100Kg/H
Réf. D4 01 1012

broyeur electrique tableau 1004
Electric feed mill. Perfect for cereals grinding but for dry bread & dry forage too. Motor 1CV, 220V. Livery with 4 bars diameter 2.5-4-6-8 and plastic drum 30L capacity. Capacity per hour depends on the bars used, 30 to 140 Kg.
Réf. D4 01 1004


broyeur horizontal unité de fabrication d'aliment broyeur vertical  
Horizontal feed mill (500Kg/H)
Réf. D4 01 1024
Food’s making unit (1 to 2 T/H)
Réf. D4 01 1025
Vertical feed mill (500 Kg/H)
Réf. D4 01 1023


broyeur mini tableau mini

Feed mill MINI

Grinds or crushes all kinds of cereals.

Electric feed mill

Réf. D4 01 1006 Thermic feed mill



broyeur farmi

tableau 1007Feed mill FARMI
Grinds all kinds of cereals (corn, wheat, rice…)
Réf. D4 01 1007 Electric feed mill
Réf. D4 01 1008 Thermic feed mill
Performances: 150 to 500 Kg/H (depends on products)


broyeur mélangeur incliné

Oblique crusher mixer BMI
For food’s making, by 400Kg shares

Réf. D4 01 1014
table 1014


Horizontal mixer crusher BMH 1000-3000
For food’s making, by 500 or 1000 Kg shares. Réf. D4 01 1015 Horizontal crusher mixer 1T/H
Réf. D4 01 1016 Horizontal crusher mixer 2T/H

tableau 1015


unité de fabrication d'aliments

Food’s making unit

For livestock’s food preparation (flour), loose or bags packaged
Réf. D4011011